Official Cards

These are the cards made by Interactive Imaginations (2i) and are NOT custom cards.

  Preview Decks   Released August 2000
  Starter Decks Cardback Quick Start card
Limited Japanese Released October 2000(US) / October 2002(J)
Unlimited   Released April 2001
Awakening Japanese Released August 2001 (US) / April? 2003(J)
Dream's End   Released November 2001
Nightmare's Dawn   Released April 2002
Voice of the Storms   Released November 2002
Traitor's Reach   Unreleased
  Daybreak   Unreleased
  Second Order   Unreleased
Guardians   Unreleased
Promotional Cards Japanese Released between October 2000 to April 2004.
Promos   Unreleased

Interactive Imaginations also released the following: MRP / Restricted List


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