The Unlimited cards were the first reprint of the Base Set and as such do not have a Roman numeral I below the region icon near the upper right hand corner.  The Unlimited cards featured a duplicate foil set, unlike the Base Set which only had foils of certain cards.  Other than that and a few image substitutions, the cards are the same.





Alaban Arderial Creature
Ayebaw Arderial Creature
Cloud Narth Arderial Creature
Cyclone Vashp Arderial Creature
Epik Arderial Creature
Lightning Hyren Arderial Creature
Lovian Arderial Creature
Orathan Flyer Arderial Creature
Orish Arderial Creature
Pharan Arderial Creature
Thunder Hyren Arderial Creature
Thunder Vashp Arderial Creature
Vellup Arderial Creature
Xyx Arderial Creature
Xyx Elder Arderial Creature
Xyx Minor Arderial Creature
Adis Arderial Magi
Jaela Arderial Magi
Lasada Arderial Magi
Nimbulo Arderial Magi
Ora Arderial Magi
Shimmer Arderial Magi
Stradus Arderial Magi
Arderial's Crown Arderial Relic
Cloud Sceptre Arderial Relic
Eye of the Storm Arderial Relic
Mask of Abwyn Arderial Relic
Storm Ring Arderial Relic
Eclipse Arderial Spell
Fog Bank Arderial Spell
Lightning Arderial Spell
Shockwave Arderial Spell
Shooting Star Arderial Spell
Storm Cloud Arderial Spell
Updraft Arderial Spell
Arbolit Cald Creature
Diobor Cald Creature
Drakan Cald Creature
Fire Chogo Cald Creature
Fire Grag Cald Creature
Flame Hyren Cald Creature
Greater Vaal Cald Creature
Kelthet Cald Creature
Lava Aq Cald Creature
Lava Arboll Cald Creature
Lava Balamant Cald Creature
Magma Hyren Cald Creature
Quor Cald Creature
Quor Pup Cald Creature
Raxis Cald Creature
Vaal Cald Creature
Ashgar Cald Magi
Barak Cald Magi
Gar Cald Magi
Grega Cald Magi
Magam Cald Magi
Sinder Cald Magi
Valkan Cald Magi
Gorgle's Ring Cald Relic
Heat Lens Cald Relic
Magma Armor Cald Relic
Rod of Coals Cald Relic
Scroll of Fire Cald Relic
Fire Flow Cald Spell
Fire ball Cald Spell
Flame Control Cald Spell
Flame Geyser Cald Spell
Spirit of the Flame Cald Spell
Syphon Vortex Cald Spell
Thermal Blast Cald Spell
Arboll Naroom Creature
Balamant Naroom Creature
Balamant Pup Naroom Creature
Bhatar Naroom Creature
Carillion Naroom Creature
Eebit Naroom Creature
Furok Naroom Creature
Giant Carillion Naroom Creature
Leaf Hyren Naroom Creature
Plith Naroom Creature
Rudwot Naroom Creature
Stagadan Naroom Creature
Timber Hyren Naroom Creature
Twee Naroom Creature
Vinoc Naroom Creature
Weebo Naroom Creature
Evu Naroom Magi
Orwin Naroom Magi
Poad Naroom Magi
Pruitt Naroom Magi
Tryn Naroom Magi
Wence Naroom Magi
Yaki Naroom Magi
Book of Life Naroom Relic
Energy Band Naroom Relic
Hood of Hiding Naroom Relic
Orwin's Staff Naroom Relic
Robe of Vines Naroom Relic
Flood of Energy Naroom Spell
Grow Naroom Spell
Hyren's Call Naroom Spell
Orwin's Gaze Naroom Spell
Sap of Life Naroom Spell
Tap Roots Naroom Spell
Vortex of Knowledge Naroom Spell
Abaquist Orothe Creature
Bwill Orothe Creature
Coral Hyren Orothe Creature
Corf Orothe Creature
Deep Hyren Orothe Creature
Giant Parathin Orothe Creature
Karak Orothe Creature
Megathan Orothe Creature
Orathan Orothe Creature
Orpus Orothe Creature
Paralit Orothe Creature
Platheus Orothe Creature
Sea Barl Orothe Creature
Sphor Orothe Creature
Wellisk Orothe Creature
Wellisk Pup Orothe Creature
Blu Orothe Magi
Ebylon Orothe Magi
Mobis Orothe Magi
O'Qua Orothe Magi
Orlon Orothe Magi
Orthea Orothe Magi
Whall Orothe Magi
Corf Pearl Orothe Relic
Hubdra's Spear Orothe Relic
Orothean Belt Orothe Relic
Orothean Gloves Orothe Relic
Orothean Goggles Orothe Relic
Entangle Orothe Spell
Implosion Orothe Spell
Submerge Orothe Spell
Tidal Wave Orothe Spell
Typhoon Orothe Spell
Undertow Orothe Spell
Will of Orothe Orothe Spell
Agovo Underneath Creature
Bisiwog Underneath Creature
Brub Underneath Creature
Cave Hyren Underneath Creature
Cave Rudwot Underneath Creature
Crystal Arboll Underneath Creature
Giant Korrit Underneath Creature
Giant Parmalag Underneath Creature
Giant Vulbor Underneath Creature
Gum-Gum Underneath Creature
Korrit Underneath Creature
Mushroom Hyren Underneath Creature
Ormagon Underneath Creature
Pack Korrit Underneath Creature
Parmalag Underneath Creature
Vulbor Underneath Creature
Fossik Underneath Magi
Gogor Underneath Magi
Gruk Underneath Magi
Motash Underneath Magi
Strag Underneath Magi
Trug Underneath Magi
Ulk Underneath Magi
Amulet of Ombor Underneath Relic
Digging Goggles Underneath Relic
Gloves of Crystal Underneath Relic
Motash's Staff Underneath Relic
Staff of Korrits Underneath Relic
Bottomless Pit Underneath Spell
Burrow Underneath Spell
Carnivorous Cave Underneath Spell
Cave In Underneath Spell
Enrich Underneath Spell
Ground Breaker Underneath Spell
Thunderquake Underneath Spell
Colossus Universal Creature
Ancestral Flute Universal Relic
Baloo Root Universal Relic
Book of Ages Universal Relic
Channeler's Gloves Universal Relic
Dream Balm Universal Relic
Mirror Pendant Universal Relic
Relic Mirror Universal Relic
Relic Stalker Universal Relic
Ring of Secrets Universal Relic
Robe of the Ages Universal Relic
Staff of Hyren Universal Relic
Syphon Stone Universal Relic
Warrior's Boots Universal Relic
Water of Life Universal Relic



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