Voice of the Storms was the swan song of the series before the final curtain call, and it went all out to break a leg.  This is the expansion which features Nar and the Sands of d'Resh and it's so hot that it's cool.  All other regions got a decent amount of cards, making this the largest expansion ever for the CCG.





Cloud Orshaa Arderial Creature
Cyclone Xyx Arderial Creature
Flying Darbok Arderial Creature
Sandstorm Orshaa Arderial Creature
Wind Hyren Arderial Creature
Wyle Arderial Creature
Arderian Adept Arderial Magi
Aula, Mindseeker Arderial Magi
Orathan Amulet Arderial Relic
Storm Wings Arderial Relic
Jetstream Arderial Spell
Shrink Arderial Spell
Spirit of Arderial Arderial Spell
Tradewinds Arderial Spell
Bleph Bograth Creature
Looph Bograth Creature
Rous Bograth Creature
Swamp Moga Bograth Creature
Torpar Bograth Creature
Umbu Bograth Creature
Vard Bograth Creature
Abger Bograth Magi
Drig Bograth Magi
Ninibom Bograth Magi
Korg's Sceptre Bograth Relic
Olabra's Staff Bograth Relic
Lightning Sand Bograth Spell
Muck Rain Bograth Spell
Spirit of Bograth Bograth Spell
Charg Cald Creature
Coal Ergar Cald Creature
Ember Hyren Cald Creature
Flambit Cald Creature
Rock Silth Cald Creature
Spark Chogo Cald Creature
Magam, Flamesmith Cald Magi
Traveling Healer Cald Magi
Everburning Wick Cald Relic
Flameplate Armor Cald Relic
Magam's Ring Cald Relic
Bombard Cald Spell
Flame Spurt Cald Spell
Spirit of Cald Cald Spell
Dagok Core Creature
Gumph Core Creature
Rabid Wasperine Core Creature
Rous Core Creature
Severos Core Creature
Shadow Hyren Core Creature
Fiend of Furoks Core Magi
Harror, Nightstalker Core Magi
Ninibom Core Magi
The Real Qwade Core Magi
Ebony Mirror Core Relic
Dark Portents Core Spell
Haunt Core Spell
Shadow Ritual Core Spell
Spirit of the Core Core Spell
Ababila d'Resh Creature
Beeb d'Resh Creature
Bone Grag d'Resh Creature
Bulabantu d'Resh Creature
Cactus Dryte d'Resh Creature
Darbok d'Resh Creature
Drahkar d'Resh Creature
Habob d'Resh Creature
Izmer d'Resh Creature
Lesser Darbok d'Resh Creature
Mowat d'Resh Creature
Nemsa d'Resh Creature
Obsis d'Resh Creature
Olum d'Resh Creature
Olum Digger d'Resh Creature
Olum Mystic d'Resh Creature
Quanjuel d'Resh Creature
Sand Hyren d'Resh Creature
Sandsifter d'Resh Creature
Sandsinger d'Resh Creature
Sandstone Hyren d'Resh Creature
Sandstorm Orshaa d'Resh Creature
Sandstorm Xyx d'Resh Creature
Sareb d'Resh Creature
Shimmering Orshaa d'Resh Creature
Skullek d'Resh Creature
Spined Hyren d'Resh Creature
Swirling Orshaa d'Resh Creature
Szhar d'Resh Creature
Thrybe d'Resh Creature
Uban d'Resh Creature
Venger d'Resh Creature
Warrior Olum d'Resh Creature
Wind Hyren d'Resh Creature
Xala d'Resh Creature
Ahron d'Resh Magi
Dakat d'Resh Magi
Dey d'Resh Magi
Drajan d'Resh Magi
d'Rasha d'Resh Magi
Gherish d'Resh Magi
Harresh d'Resh Magi
Hasseth d'Resh Magi
Mohani d'Resh Magi
Nahara d'Resh Magi
Nashiq d'Resh Magi
Risha d'Resh Magi
Ythra d'Resh Magi
Amulet of Sand d'Resh Relic
Aubra's Canteen d'Resh Relic
Aubra's Hourglass d'Resh Relic
Avatar's Staff d'Resh Relic
Bottled City d'Resh Relic
Dune Compass d'Resh Relic
Lens of Truth d'Resh Relic
Sand Cape d'Resh Relic
Sun Glasses d'Resh Relic
Ytrha's Mantle d'Resh Relic
Chill of Night d'Resh Spell
Crushing Sands d'Resh Spell
Crystal Vision d'Resh Spell
Daydreams d'Resh Spell
Deceptive Dreams d'Resh Spell
Desiccate d'Resh Spell
Forgotten Dreams d'Resh Spell
Forgotten Songs d'Resh Spell
Forgotten Tales d'Resh Spell
Heat of Day d'Resh Spell
Horizon's Mirage d'Resh Spell
Lightning Sand d'Resh Spell
Oasis d'Resh Spell
Redream d'Resh Spell
Sandshape d'Resh Spell
Sunburn d'Resh Spell
Unmake d'Resh Spell
Grizzled Moga Kybar's Teeth Creature
Pebble Hinko Kybar's Teeth Creature
Rock Arboll Kybar's Teeth Creature
Rock Silth Kybar's Teeth Creature
Rokarum Kybar's Teeth Creature
Sandstone Hyren Kybar's Teeth Creature
Thoughtful Baldar Kybar's Teeth Creature
Vopok Kybar's Teeth Creature
Celebrated Hero Kybar's Teeth Magi
M'ck Kybar's Teeth Magi
Traveling Healer Kybar's Teeth Magi
Emec's Forge Kybar's Teeth Relic
Gogor's Spade Kybar's Teeth Relic
Spirit of the Teeth Kybar's Teeth Spell
Stand and Take It Kybar's Teeth Spell
Aegris Nar Creature
Blizzard Hyren Nar Creature
Djarmander Nar Creature
Dryte Nar Creature
Frost Hyren Nar Creature
Frost Raxis Nar Creature
Furok Protector Nar Creature
Garlak Nar Creature
Glacier Hyren Nar Creature
Gransaber Nar Creature
Great White Narth Nar Creature
Grendile Nar Creature
Hunter Furok Nar Creature
Ice Arboll Nar Creature
Iceberg Hyren Nar Creature
Icefield Ashryte Nar Creature
Ice Furok Nar Creature
Ice Hyren Nar Creature
Ickle Nar Creature
Kintor Nar Creature
Korul Nar Creature
Krenkrajak Nar Creature
Kyroll Nar Creature
Mombak Nar Creature
Rask Nar Creature
Saitorr Nar Creature
Sarf Nar Creature
Snow Barl Pup Nar Creature
Snow Hyren Nar Creature
Sunglare Celphet Nar Creature
Tithragar Nar Creature
Vrak Nar Creature
Wasperine Stalker Nar Creature
Worgle Nar Creature
Yaromant Nar Creature
Yaw Nar Creature
Zyavu Nar Creature
Balachron Nar Magi
Bronn Nar Magi
Emaya Nar Magi
Erisa Nar Magi
Fray Nar Magi
Halsted Nar Magi
Helgrem Nar Magi
Koza Nar Magi
Laranel Nar Magi
Odavast Nar Magi
Thast Nar Magi
Ust Nar Magi
Velouria Nar Magi
Blizzard Core Nar Relic
Bronn's Battle Staff Nar Relic
Cauldron of Ice Nar Relic
Dreamdrain Charm Nar Relic
Essence of Frost Nar Relic
Hailstorm Pendant Nar Relic
Icefang Battlesled Nar Relic
Ice Lens Nar Relic
Icy Heart Nar Relic
Icy Prison Nar Relic
Instant Fortress Nar Relic
Void Stone Nar Relic
Blizzard Nar Spell
Brittlebreak Nar Spell
Crushing Ice Nar Spell
Crystallize Nar Spell
Exposure Nar Spell
Ice Rupture Nar Spell
Refract Nar Spell
Shattering Wind Nar Spell
Shattershards Nar Spell
Snowball Nar Spell
Spirit of Nar Nar Spell
Thin Ice Nar Spell
Whiteout Nar Spell
Ember Hyren Naroom Creature
Fird Naroom Creature
Forest Wudge Naroom Creature
Grendile Naroom Creature
Leaf Chogo Naroom Creature
Twunk Naroom Creature
Wasperine Stalker Naroom Creature
Poad, Innkeeper Naroom Magi
Wence the Wanderer Naroom Magi
Yaki, Core Stalker Naroom Magi
Poad's Secret Sauce Naroom Relic
Wence's Travelog Naroom Relic
Overgrowth Naroom Spell
Spirit of Naroom Naroom Spell
Cawh Orothe Creature
Iceberg Hyren Orothe Creature
Sarazen Keeper Orothe Creature
Surf Diel Orothe Creature
Sylorum Orothe Creature
Tidal Karak Orothe Creature
Aula, Mindseeker Orothe Magi
Brothers of Vengance Orothe Magi
Karse Orothe Magi
Hubdra's Chest Orothe Relic
Karak Ink Orothe Relic
Orathan Amulet Orothe Relic
Ripple Orothe Spell
Spirit of Orothe Orothe Spell
Bulabantu Paradwyn Creature
Gwomba Paradwyn Creature
Janx Paradwyn Creature
Kwup Paradwyn Creature
Terkoz Paradwyn Creature
Torpar Paradwyn Creature
Tropical Plith Paradwyn Creature
Tropical Jumbor Paradwyn Creature
Archid Paradwyn Magi
Kiersta Paradwyn Magi
Pok Paradwyn Magi
Liriel's Cape Paradwyn Relic
Three-Leaf Clover Paradwyn Relic
Snare Paradwyn Spell
Spirit of Paradwyn Paradwyn Spell
Crystal Lascinth Underneath Creature
Freep Underneath Creature
Ormalet Underneath Creature
Rabid Bisiwog Underneath Creature
Sarazen Keeper Underneath Creature
Trogovo Underneath Creature
Celebrated Hero Underneath Magi
Myka Underneath Magi
Gogor's Spade Underneath Relic
Trygar's Will Underneath Relic
Mudslide Underneath Spell
Spirit of Ombor Underneath Spell
Tunnel Underneath Spell
Unmake Underneath Spell
Baby Hyren Universal Creature
Reality Anchor Universal Relic
Healing Light Universal Spell
Pure of Heart Universal Spell
Spirit of Rayje Universal Spell
Pajick Pet Weave Creature
Paradar Weave Creature
Sagaweave Weave Creature
Stumbling Junjertrug Weave Creature
Thresh Weave Creature
Tropical Jumbor Weave Creature
Rehlya Weave Magi
Wence the Wanderer Weave Magi
Bo'Ahsa's Shield Weave Relic
Everburning Wick Weave Relic
Three-Leaf Clover Weave Relic
Wence's Travelog Weave Relic
Spirit of the Weave Weave Spell
Sprout Weave Spell
Weave Seed Weave Spell


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