Nightmare's Dawn was one of the most powerful set released by Interactive Imagination and therefore the set with the most errata.  The expansion introduced two new regions - Bograth and Paradwyn - and previewed two more regions with 7 cards for d'Resh and 2 cards for Nar.  The expansion also introduced the first and only Universal magi that's not a Promo - Rayje, and is the first to feature cards from all 13 regions.





Aerial Flist Arderial Creature
Ballistic Baldar Arderial Creature
Bubble Xyx Arderial Creature
Elder Yark Arderial Creature
Firestorm Orish Arderial Creature
Flying Hinko Arderial Creature
Galiant Arderial Creature
Hurricane Orish Arderial Creature
Spray Narth Arderial Creature
Defender of the Sky Arderial Magi
Lady of the Sky Arderial Magi
Voice of the Storm Arderial Magi
Hand of the Sky Arderial Relic
Heart of the Sky Arderial Relic
Crushing Winds Arderial Spell
Sandswirl Arderial Spell
Ainjer Bograth Creature
Bog Wellisk Bograth Creature
Bolobog Bograth Creature
Flame Trulb Bograth Creature
Fog Hyren Bograth Creature
Glablit Bograth Creature
Green Stuff Bograth Creature
Gremble Bograth Creature
Gwaeg Bograth Creature
Jile Bograth Creature
Makoor Bograth Creature
Mirago Bograth Creature
Mist Hyren Bograth Creature
Moob Bograth Creature
Moss Quido Bograth Creature
Muck Vinoc Bograth Creature
Muggum Bograth Creature
Mydra Bograth Creature
N'kala Bograth Creature
Ooze Arboll Bograth Creature
Poison Baloo Root Bograth Creature
Pyder Bograth Creature
Quido Swarm Bograth Creature
Ruid Bograth Creature
Sarazen Outcast Bograth Creature
Slarnath Bograth Creature
Swamp Hyren Bograth Creature
Swamp Weebo Bograth Creature
Taglat Bograth Creature
Tar Hyren Bograth Creature
Treepsh Bograth Creature
Trulb Bograth Creature
Zungg Bograth Creature
All-High King Korg Bograth Magi
Baa Bograth Magi
Blygt Bograth Magi
Brog Bograth Magi
Emlob Bograth Magi
Eryss Bograth Magi
Golthub Bograth Magi
Gorran Bograth Magi
Grahnna Bograth Magi
Keggerop Bograth Magi
Obgren Bograth Magi
Olabra Bograth Magi
Phlouk Bograth Magi
Wiep Bograth Magi
Yog Bograth Magi
Bog Stone Bograth Relic
Crown of Grath Bograth Relic
Deadwood Staff Bograth Relic
Great Pool of Wisdom Bograth Relic
Great Throne Mushrooms Bograth Relic
Heart of Paradise Bograth Relic
Korg's Poetry Bograth Relic
Moob Ring Bograth Relic
Moss Pendant Bograth Relic
Slime Stone Bograth Relic
Statement of Core Values Bograth Relic
Yog's Maul Bograth Relic
Ainjer Swarm Bograth Spell
Bog Stench Bograth Spell
Creeping Chill Bograth Spell
Crushing Stench Bograth Spell
Darkness Bograth Spell
Frenzy Bograth Spell
Mydra Swarm Bograth Spell
Ominous Chill Bograth Spell
Sneak Attack Bograth Spell
Spirit Drain Bograth Spell
Trulb Horde Bograth Spell
Vard Stampede Bograth Spell
Zungg Swarm Bograth Spell
Firestorm Orish Cald Creature
Flame Rudwot Cald Creature
Flame Trulb Cald Creature
Granas Cald Creature
Karkik Cald Creature
Magma Parmalag Cald Creature
Saladarit Cald Creature
Barak the Red Cald Magi
Good Ol' Ashgar Cald Magi
Tryn Flame-Saver Cald Magi
Boomstick Cald Relic
Firefly Amulet Cald Relic
The Last Words Cald Relic
Brushfire Cald Spell
Crushing Heat Cald Spell
Chaos Flugg Core Creature
Corathan Core Creature
Dark Cragnoc Core Creature
Darkbreed's Minion Core Creature
Gwaeg Core Creature
Raveled Drush Core Creature
Tar Hyren Core Creature
Zungg Core Creature
All-High King Korg Core Magi
Golthub Core Magi
Togoth Core Magi
Statement of Core Values Core Relic
Tomes of the Great Library Core Relic
Warrada's Ring Core Relic
Awakening Core Spell
Crushing Darkness Core Spell
Chasm Jile d'Resh Creature
Mirago d'Resh Creature
Sand Hyren d'Resh Creature
Sikra d'Resh Creature
d'Jarvish d'Resh Magi
Sand Strands d'Resh Relic
Sandswirl d'Resh Spell
Akkar Kybar's Teeth Creature
Alpine Xamf Kybar's Teeth Creature
Ballistic Baldar Kybar's Teeth Creature
Elder Yark Kybar's Teeth Creature
Galiant Kybar's Teeth Creature
Greater Gargagnor Kybar's Teeth Creature
Karkik Kybar's Teeth Creature
Kier Kybar's Teeth Creature
Rock Yajo Kybar's Teeth Creature
Rockslide Hyren Kybar's Teeth Creature
Tunnel Parmalag Kybar's Teeth Creature
Urigant Kybar's Teeth Creature
Korok Kybar's Teeth Magi
Kyg'n Kybar's Teeth Magi
Shaper's Apprentice Kybar's Teeth Magi
T'lok Kybar's Teeth Magi
Dewstone Kybar's Teeth Relic
Kybar's Fang Kybar's Teeth Relic
Ritual Spear Kybar's Teeth Relic
Shard of the Great Fossil Kybar's Teeth Relic
Slime Stone Kybar's Teeth Relic
Cleansing Kybar's Teeth Spell
Creeping Chill Kybar's Teeth Spell
Crushing Stones Kybar's Teeth Spell
Ice Hyren Nar Creature
Ominous Chill Nar Spell
Alpine Xamf Naroom Creature
Baby Furok Naroom Creature
Flame Rudwot Naroom Creature
Flying Hinko Naroom Creature
K'teeb Naroom Creature
K'teeb Cub Naroom Creature
K'teeb Thumper Naroom Creature
Sabertooth Jumbor Naroom Creature
Scout Bungaloo Naroom Creature
Salafy Naroom Magi
Tryn Flame-Saver Naroom Magi
Woot! Naroom Magi
Tomes of the Great Library Naroom Relic
Yaki's Gauntlets Naroom Relic
Crushing Roots Naroom Spell
Blue Yajo Orothe Creature
Bog Wellisk Orothe Creature
Bubble Xyx Orothe Creature
Hurricane Orish Orothe Creature
River Abaquist Orothe Creature
Saladarit Orothe Creature
Seaweed Lascinth Orothe Creature
Spray Narth Orothe Creature
Arosa Orothe Magi
Shaper's Apprentice Orothe Magi
Voice of the Storm Orothe Magi
The Last Words Orothe Relic
Vault of Knowledge Key Orothe Relic
Crushing Surf Orothe Spell
Curse of the Abaquist Orothe Spell
Aerial Flist Paradwyn Creature
Bagala Paradwyn Creature
Bagala Cub Paradwyn Creature
Bagala Hunter Paradwyn Creature
Dasia Paradwyn Creature
Fog Hyren Paradwyn Creature
Ghazran Paradwyn Creature
Grass Etiki Paradwyn Creature
Gremble Paradwyn Creature
Hardshell Weebo Paradwyn Creature
Inyx Paradwyn Creature
Jungle Hyren Paradwyn Creature
Jungle Jile Paradwyn Creature
K'ly Paradwyn Creature
K'teeb Paradwyn Creature
K'teeb Cub Paradwyn Creature
K'teeb Thumper Paradwyn Creature
Khisp Paradwyn Creature
Lahalou Paradwyn Creature
Magor Paradwyn Creature
Mydra Paradwyn Creature
N'kala Paradwyn Creature
Nyrex Paradwyn Creature
Poison Baloo Root Paradwyn Creature
Quido Swarm Paradwyn Creature
Rala Paradwyn Creature
River Abaquist Paradwyn Creature
Scarletsong Hwit Paradwyn Creature
T'kanzam Paradwyn Creature
Taglat Paradwyn Creature
Treepsh Paradwyn Creature
Tropical Hyren Paradwyn Creature
Tropical Vinoc Paradwyn Creature
Vine Hyren Paradwyn Creature
Weed Hyren Paradwyn Creature
Arawan Paradwyn Magi
Ardonia Paradwyn Magi
Bazha Paradwyn Magi
Boria Paradwyn Magi
Culla Paradwyn Magi
Eryss Paradwyn Magi
Iain Paradwyn Magi
Kioko Paradwyn Magi
Liriel Paradwyn Magi
M'lady Iyori Paradwyn Magi
Ninx Paradwyn Magi
Ookami Paradwyn Magi
Taisa Paradwyn Magi
Yricho Paradwyn Magi
Bagala Fangs Paradwyn Relic
Bazha's Pendant Paradwyn Relic
Dewstone Paradwyn Relic
Heart of Paradise Paradwyn Relic
Liriel's Cape Paradwyn Relic
Ookami's Drums Paradwyn Relic
Rala Tail Paradwyn Relic
Robe of Petals Paradwyn Relic
Staff of Vines Paradwyn Relic
Stalker's Boots Paradwyn Relic
Yricho's Staff Paradwyn Relic
Ambush Paradwyn Spell
Bloom Paradwyn Spell
Crushing Vines Paradwyn Spell
Curse of the Abaquist Paradwyn Spell
Flourish Paradwyn Spell
Froxfire Paradwyn Spell
Mydra Swarm Paradwyn Spell
Radiant Spring Paradwyn Spell
Scarletsong's Trill Paradwyn Spell
Sneak Attack Paradwyn Spell
Spell Pulse Paradwyn Spell
Spirit Drain Paradwyn Spell
Stalk Paradwyn Spell
Tropical Rain Paradwyn Spell
Akkar Underneath Creature
Granas Underneath Creature
Kier Underneath Creature
Magma Parmalag Underneath Creature
Muggum Underneath Creature
Sikra Underneath Creature
Striped Korrit Underneath Creature
Tunnel Parmalag Underneath Creature
Urigant Underneath Creature
d'Jarvish Underneath Magi
Fossik, Ringsmith Underneath Magi
Gyrg Underneath Magi
Gate to Ombor Underneath Relic
Strag's Claws Underneath Relic
Cleansing Underneath Spell
Crushing Fungus Underneath Spell
Rayje Universal Magi
Inhibitor Band Universal Relic
Loaded Dice Universal Relic
Focus Universal Spell
Heal Universal Spell
Baby Furok Weave Creature
Blade Hyren Weave Creature
Blue Yajo Weave Creature
Chasm Jile Weave Creature
Dasia Weave Creature
Grass Etiki Weave Creature
Nyrex Weave Creature
Rock Yajo Weave Creature
Sabertooth Jumbor Weave Creature
Scout Bungaloo Weave Creature
Seaweed Lascinth Weave Creature
Striped Korrit Weave Creature
Weed Hyren Weave Creature
M'lady Iyori Weave Magi
Ninx Weave Magi
Scyalla Weave Magi
Taisa Weave Magi
Gift of the Weave Weave Relic
Ritual Spear Weave Relic
Sand Strands Weave Relic
Brushfire Weave Spell
Crushing Growth Weave Spell


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