Promotional cards were given out through various outlets - some of the cards can be won in a league, others were part of storyline events and still others were only available from the Book of Ages.  Most of the promos was also available for redemption from the animite shop.  The list below contains all the released US promo cards.  Japanese Promos are listed in a separate page.





Niffer Arderial Magi
Shivara Arderial Magi
Ember Vard Arderial Creature
Comet Hyren Arderial Creature
Tempest Hyren Arderial Creature
Kalius' Ring Arderial Relic
Abwyn's Gift Arderial Spell
Shockwave Arderial Spell
Furlosk Bograth Creature
Ember Vard Cald Creature
Inferno Xyx Cald Creature
Volcano Hyren Cald Creature
Pyte Cald Magi
Barak's Ring Cald Relic
Gorgle's Gift Cald Spell
Drush Core Creature
Gia Pet Core Creature
Gragling Core Creature
Nightmare Hyren Core Creature
Dark Twins Core Magi
Empress Gia Core Magi
Jalex Core Magi
Korg Core Magi
Zet Core Magi
Nagsis' Sigil Core Relic
Morag's Gift Core Spell
Oranragan Kybar's Teeth Creature
Chogus Little Kybar's Teeth Creature
The Prankster Kybar's Teeth Magi
Ullig's Ring Kybar's Teeth Relic
Kybar's Gift Kybar's Teeth Spell
Forest Hyren Naroom Creature
Furlosk Naroom Creature
Glade Hyren Naroom Creature
Rabbage Naroom Creature
Chayla Naroom Magi
Eidon Naroom Magi
Orwin's Ring Naroom Relic
Bythan's Gift Naroom Spell
Coral Pyder Orothe Creature
Monsoon Hyren Orothe Creature
Kayliel Orothe Magi
Orlon's Ring Orothe Relic
Owinda's Gift Orothe Spell
Oranragan Paradwyn Creature
Grakanden Underneath Creature
Ormagon Underneath Creature
Phosphor Hyren Underneath Creature
Emaal Underneath Magi
Strag's Ring Underneath Relic
Atekkia's Gift Underneath Spell
Thunderquake Underneath Spell
Monarch Hyren Universal Creature
Rayje's Construct Universal Creature
League Elder Universal Magi
Tony at Con Universal Magi
Tony Jones Universal Magi
Tuku Universal Magi
Gauntlets of Colossal Power Universal Relic
Rayje's Belt Universal Relic
Rayje's Shield Universal Relic
Warrior's Boots Universal Relic
Elemental Shield Universal Spell
Nightmare's Dawn Universal Spell
Power of the Creators Universal Spell
Rejuvenate Universal Spell
Voice of the Storms Universal Spell
Gia Weave Magi


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