There are rumours floating around that there will be a 12 card subset featuring the Guardians.  These Guardians are supposedly Magi who removes energy when attacked like Creatures, although that is not confirmed.  Matt Holmberg previewed the Arderial Guardian on Insiider and this is shown below.

12 Guardians

Arderial Guardian - Aeroh Bograth Guardian - Sludgeh
Cald Guardian - Skorch
Core Guardian - Grymm
(no larger image)
d'Resh Guardian - D'oon Kybar's Teeth Guardian - Krag
Nar Guardian - Phreeze Naroom Guardian - Trunnk
Orothe Guardian - Tyde

Paradwyn Guardian - Vyne Underneath Guardian - Fosfur
(no larger image)
Weave Guardian - (unnamed)



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