Awakenings was the first expansion and the second set to be released, both in the US by Interactive Imagination with an English language version and in Japan by Epoch with a Japanese language version.  The expansion features Core, a new region, and introduced special rules for the denizens of the centre of the Moonlands.





Brannix Arderial Creature
Flutter Yup Arderial Creature
J'lith Arderial Creature
Night Hyren Arderial Creature
Vemment Arderial Creature
Warlum Arderial Creature
Yarothis Arderial Creature
Aula Arderial Magi
Kalius Arderial Magi
Sorreah Arderial Magi
Abwyn's Quill Arderial Relic
Alaban Gloves Arderial Relic
Arderian-Guard Wings Arderial Relic
Cry of Thunder Arderial Spell
Solar Flare Arderial Spell
Tranquility Arderial Spell
Ash Hyren Cald Creature
Braggle Cald Creature
Ergar Cald Creature
Ithapher Cald Creature
Magma Jile Cald Creature
Primat Cald Creature
Yollum Cald Creature
Nara Cald Magi
Raega Cald Magi
Ven Cald Magi
Blast Gloves Cald Relic
Gorgle's Glasses Cald Relic
Sinder's Mantle Cald Relic
Firefly Swarm Cald Spell
Sulfurous Spirit Cald Spell
Wildfire Cald Spell
Arboll Stalker Core Creature
Black Agovo Core Creature
Borgor Core Creature
Chaos Jile Core Creature
Core Grag Core Creature
Core Hyren Core Creature
Dark Ayebaw Core Creature
Darkbreed Hyren Core Creature
Dryte Fiend Core Creature
Gorath Core Creature
Grax Core Creature
Grubble Core Creature
Koil Core Creature
Orok Core Creature
Shadow Vinoc Core Creature
Shryque Core Creature
Szalak Core Creature
Tragan Core Creature
Trask Core Creature
Ugger Core Creature
Vrill Core Creature
Wudge Core Creature
Agram Core Magi
Korg & Zet Core Magi
Morag Core Magi
Nagsis Core Magi
Harror Core Magi - Arderial Shadow
Lanyx Core Magi - Cald Shadow
Warrada Core Magi - Naroom Shadow
Qwade Core Magi - Orothe Shadow
Korremar Core Magi - d'Resh Shadow
Ogar Core Magi - Underneath Shadow
Agram's Armor Core Relic
Chaos Sphere Core Relic
Collar of Despair Core Relic
Grim Goblet Core Relic
Shadow Bones Core Relic
Shadow Cloak Core Relic
Anarchy Core Spell
Blight Core Spell
Corrupt Core Spell
Dream Rift Core Spell
Entomb Core Spell
Gloom Core Spell
Maelstrom Core Spell
Mind Blank Core Spell
Paranoia Core Spell
Shadow Rain Core Spell
Terrorize Core Spell
Turn Core Spell
Rock Hyren Kybar's Teeth Creature
Bikneets Naroom Creature
Forest Hyren Naroom Creature
Forest Jile Naroom Creature
Furok Guardian Naroom Creature
Tillant Naroom Creature
Tree Hinko Naroom Creature
Wasperine Naroom Creature
Ohk Naroom Magi
Sperri Naroom Magi
Tiller Naroom Magi
Essence of Naroom Naroom Relic
Fird Stone Naroom Relic
Weeblit Naroom Relic
Deadfall Naroom Spell
Forest Blessing Naroom Spell
Gilded Cage Naroom Spell
Allio Orothe Creature
Hunter Jile Orothe Creature
Husp Orothe Creature
Phrup Orothe Creature
Reef Hyren Orothe Creature
Sarazen Guard Orothe Creature
Weethan Orothe Creature
Borse Orothe Magi
Quilla Orothe Magi
Voda Orothe Magi
Hubdra's Cube Orothe Relic
Karak Band Orothe Relic
Orothean Horn Orothe Relic
Boil Orothe Spell
Pillar of Brine Orothe Spell
Storm of Fishes Orothe Spell
Athik Underneath Creature
Crystal Jile Underneath Creature
Ghost Bwisp Underneath Creature
Jore Underneath Creature
Pylofuf Underneath Creature
Tunnel Hyren Underneath Creature
Weebat Underneath Creature
Bronk Underneath Magi
Radget Underneath Magi
Trygar Underneath Magi
Gremm's Hammer Underneath Relic
Tunneler's Boots Underneath Relic
Underlord's Shield Underneath Relic
Gorgle's Curse Underneath Spell
Impact Underneath Spell
Resonate Underneath Spell
Forgotten Dancer Universal Relic
Mantle of Shadows Universal Relic
Rayje's Band Universal Relic
Rayje's Belt Universal Relic
Rayje's Boots Universal Relic
"Ummm . . . NO!" Universal Spell
Dream Channel Universal Spell
Intensify Universal Spell
Nightmare Channel Universal Spell
Spectral Shield Universal Spell
Weave Hyren Weave Creature



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