Dream's End begins to be where things get interesting, with dual region cards and the powerful Shadow Geyser spells.  Core gets a huge power boost in this set and two new regions are introduced - Kybar's Teeth and Weave.  Two more regions were previewed with a Hyren - Bograth and Paradwyn.





Alaban Kit Arderial Creature
Elder Vellup Arderial Creature
Grand Epik Arderial Creature
Rayalon Arderial Creature
Shock Vashp Arderial Creature
Elios Arderial Magi
Delia - Keeper Arderial Magi - Starkeeper
Eyes of Arderial Arderial Relic
Storm Shield Arderial Relic
Cataclysm Arderial Spell
Sorreah's Dream Arderial Spell
Swamp Hyren Bograth Creature
Diomant Cald Creature
Giant Arboll Cald Creature
Krawg Cald Creature
Silth Giant Cald Creature
Smoke Xyx Cald Creature
Amanax Cald Magi
Vorga Cald Magi
Abraxin's Crown Cald Relic
Grega's Ring Cald Relic
Lava Flow Cald Spell
Searing Touch Cald Spell
Chaos Plith Core Creature
Dark Furok Core Creature
Drush Core Creature
Garadan Core Creature
Harban Core Creature
Chur Core Magi - Kybar's Teeth Shadow
Evil Evu Core Magi - Naroom Shadow
Hrada Core Magi - Naroom Shadow
Ashio Core Magi - Weave Shadow
Agram's Plaything Core Relic
Agram's Staff Core Relic
Secrets of the Book Core Relic
Arderial Shadow Geyser Core Spell
Cald Shadow Geyser Core Spell
Naroom Shadow Geyser Core Spell
Orothe Shadow Geyser Core Spell
Stealth Core Spell
Underneath Shadow Geyser Core Spell
Vaporize Core Spell
Agrilla Kybar's Teeth Creature
Baldar Kybar's Teeth Creature
Chogus Kybar's Teeth Creature
Cliff Hyren Kybar's Teeth Creature
Crag Quor Kybar's Teeth Creature
Cragnoc Kybar's Teeth Creature
Darge Kybar's Teeth Creature
Gargagnor Kybar's Teeth Creature
Giant Baldar Kybar's Teeth Creature
Giant Chogus Kybar's Teeth Creature
Granite Parmalag Kybar's Teeth Creature
Gratch Kybar's Teeth Creature
Moga Kybar's Teeth Creature
Moga Pup Kybar's Teeth Creature
Mosp Kybar's Teeth Creature
Rock Hyren Kybar's Teeth Creature
Sagawal Kybar's Teeth Creature
Stone Quor Kybar's Teeth Creature
Vogo Kybar's Teeth Creature
Xamf Kybar's Teeth Creature
Yark Kybar's Teeth Creature
Yebed Kybar's Teeth Creature
Emec Kybar's Teeth Magi
Grej Kybar's Teeth Magi
Hok Kybar's Teeth Magi
Jagt Kybar's Teeth Magi
Kazm Kybar's Teeth Magi
Koll Kybar's Teeth Magi
Targ'n Kybar's Teeth Magi
Ullig Kybar's Teeth Magi
Wessig Kybar's Teeth Magi
Groll - Watchkeeper Kybar's Teeth Magi - Watchkeeper
Chogulith Kybar's Teeth Relic
Climbing Staff Kybar's Teeth Relic
Hogra Stones Kybar's Teeth Relic
Jasker's Mask Kybar's Teeth Relic
Kybar's Hammer Kybar's Teeth Relic
Kybar's Scroll Kybar's Teeth Relic
Moga Fang Necklace Kybar's Teeth Relic
Ullig's Slingshot Kybar's Teeth Relic
Yark Gloves Kybar's Teeth Relic
Ascend Kybar's Teeth Spell
Feet of Stone Kybar's Teeth Spell
Jagged Rocks Kybar's Teeth Spell
Kybar's Echo Kybar's Teeth Spell
Ominous Presence Kybar's Teeth Spell
Roar Kybar's Teeth Spell
Rock Slide Kybar's Teeth Spell
Stone Storm Kybar's Teeth Spell
Vertigo Kybar's Teeth Spell
Bungaloo Naroom Creature
Elder Weebo Naroom Creature
Garan Naroom Creature
Jip Naroom Creature
Nodj Naroom Creature
Zajan Naroom Magi
Zannah Naroom Magi
Evu's Jellybeans Naroom Relic
Pruitt's Robe Naroom Relic
Nocturne Naroom Spell
Vim and Vigor Naroom Spell
Deep Barl Orothe Creature
Deep Wellisk Orothe Creature
Iximin Orothe Creature
Nalo Orothe Creature
Parathin Orothe Creature
Bria Orothe Magi
M'Rika Orothe Magi
Barqua's Bubble Orothe Relic
Karak Necklace Orothe Relic
Riptide Orothe Spell
Shell Orothe Spell
Jungle Hyren Paradwyn Creature
Crystal Parmalag Underneath Creature
Hubram Underneath Creature
Spore Vashp Underneath Creature
Syre Underneath Creature
Urhail Underneath Creature
Prek Underneath Magi
Sorrowing Ogar Underneath Magi
Gremm's Helmet Underneath Relic
Tremor Stones Underneath Relic
Aglow Underneath Spell
Hidden Door Underneath Spell
Monarch Hyren Universal Creature
Maelstrom Flask Universal Relic
Rayje's Cloak Universal Relic
Rayje's Sword Universal Relic
Staff of Keepers Universal Relic
Tomorrow's Jewel Universal Relic
Beam of Light Universal Spell
Equilibrate Universal Spell
Fate's Whimsy Universal Spell
Aritex Weave Creature
Bungaloo Weave Creature
Drowl Weave Creature
Flugg Weave Creature
Frusk Weave Creature
Grass Hyren Weave Creature
Heppeswip Weave Creature
Jumbor Weave Creature
Junjertrug Weave Creature
Lascinth Weave Creature
Osatch Weave Creature
Pagajack Weave Creature
Pody Weave Creature
Quallon Weave Creature
Speag Weave Creature
Tweave Weave Creature
Uwamar Weave Creature
Vuryip Weave Creature
Weave Hyren Weave Creature
Weggit Weave Creature
Yajo Weave Creature
Zassyfer Weave Creature
Ahdar Weave Magi
Artyva Weave Magi
Bo'Ahsa Weave Magi
Iyori Weave Magi
Kesia Weave Magi
Kolte Weave Magi
Marella Weave Magi
Quirle Weave Magi
Yerthe Weave Magi
Zaya Weave Magi
Gia's Tome Weave Relic
Junjertrug Horn Weave Relic
Kesia's Flute Weave Relic
Tuk Berries Weave Relic
Uwamar Beads Weave Relic
Weave Hut Weave Relic
Weave Mat Weave Relic
Weave Powder Weave Relic
Zaya's Bow Weave Relic
Binding Weave Spell
Drought Weave Spell
Harmony Weave Spell
Lifeweave Weave Spell
Sawgrass Weave Spell
Sheath Weave Spell
The Hunt Weave Spell
Weave Mind Weave Spell
Weave Winds Weave Spell



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