Elder's Legacy was born from the calls of the players to use some of the MND art out there for "alternate" cards.  A fifty card set was envisage to be the test bed for future custom card projects.  Thus was born Elder's Legacy.  I designed most of the cards with the following exceptions - the 4 Orothe cards were co-designed with Stephan Classen, a fellow MND playtester; Spirit of the Moonlands is based on a design by Jared.  This set features the original artwork of Justin Zastrow, Eric Santana and Nick Szankovics, among others.  Special thanks goes to all the collaborators in this project - especially Stephan and Eric who were the two thirds of the Project that attempted to do a player revival of MND and to Pete and Brandon for playtesting most of the cards.

These cards can also be downloaded for print.

Card Name Region Type
Night Xyx Arderial Creature
Relaura Arderial Magi
Solar Halo Arderial Relic
Solar Beam Arderial Spell
Brown Stuff Bograth Creature
Bulomp, Shiftier Bograth Magi
Umbu PawBograth Relic
Cower Bograth Spell
FiragonCald Creature
GarstevCald Magi
CandlestickCald Relic
Smoke TrapCald Spell
Charybdis Wellisk Core Creature
Qwelling Core Magi
Evil Eye Core Relic
Wall of Dark Fire Core Spell
Desert Aegris díResh Creature
Guody díResh Magi
Spirit Stones díResh Relic
Chimera díResh Spell
Rock Balamant Kybarís Teeth Creature
Amara, Beauty Kybarís Teeth Magi
Yark's Eyrie Kybarís Teeth Relic
Mountain Chill Kybarís Teeth Spell
Festive Furok Nar Creature
Trellis the White Nar Magi
Snowflake Crystals Nar Relic
Snowed In Nar Spell
Eebit Twins Naroom Creature
Warrada, Simulacrum Naroom Magi
Evu's Bookworm Naroom Relic
Ancient's Wisdom Naroom Spell
Aquatic Warlum Orothe Creature
O'Qua, Tracker Orothe Magi
Algae Band Orothe Relic
Sink or Swim Orothe Spell
Pygmy Balamant Paradwyn Creature
Ardonia, Guard Paradwyn Magi
Frox Berries Paradwyn Relic
Second Shadow Paradwyn Spell
Burrowed Weebo Underneath Creature
Ulk, Korritter Underneath Magi
Crystal Lights Underneath Relic
Call of the Ombor Sea Underneath Spell
Reclaim Universal Spell
Spirit of the Moonlands Universal Spell
Savannah Hyren Weave Creature
Wawek Weave Magi
Weave Homestead Weave Relic
Weave Path Weave Spell



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