Frox Berries was the first Paradwyn card designed for EL and it subsequently affected the rest of the Paradwyn cards, not in the design, but in the flavour text.  If you assemble all 4 lines of the text from the 4 Paradwyn cards, you'll see the lyrics of the chorus from Disney's Gummy Bears, which was a cartoon series about berries.  The card is one of the counter cards in the set, and like all cards in the set, it attempts to make stalking easier to achieve.  However this card is risky - spend too much on it and it might go up in smoke when it's discarded.  The upside is that you can convert the counters back to energy, and one of the combos that the playtesters liked was to use her with Ninx's staredown.   The berries was not that difficult to draw... and the background is from Sqwik.



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