Novelty's Custom Cards

These are the cards I've made.  Due to the playtester agreement that I signed with 2i, all rights to these
cards belong to 2i.  Images for these cards are copyright their respective owners.  Please do not link to these images from your site.  You can discuss these cards or ask for rulings about some of them on the forums.

Elder's Legacy gatlingEngine Custom Set Released November 2004.  
Shadowsfall Promo  gatlingEngine Custom Promo Set  Released May 2005. 
Tainted Glimpses gatlingEngine Custom Set Released May 2006.  
Keeper's Quest gatlingEngine Custom Promo SetReleased May 2006.  
Twilight War gatlingEngine Custom SetReleased May 2007.  
Double Jeopardy gatlingEngine Custom Promo SetCurrently in Playtesting  
Exodus Flight gatlingEngine Custom SetCurrently in Playtesting  
Cure for All Seasons gatlingEngine Custom Promo SetCurrently in Playtesting  
  Ancient of Days gatlingEngine Custom SetCurrently in Development  
  Ancient Enemy gatlingEngine Custom SetCancelled  
  Final NightgatlingEngine Custom Set Collecting Images  
High NoongatlingEngine Custom Promo Set Status Unknown  


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