Garstev is named after Steve, a MND player whose favourite character was Gar.  I believe that he's even used this name as his RPG character on one of the MND RPG forums.  The original card was created for a Create a Card contest on Insiider forums..  Playtesting has since altered some of the text but the idea remains.  Garstev was a magi few in Cald know about, who rose up from the depths of the caldera leading his Firagon into battle when Cald was threatened by the Invaders.  Due to this backstory, Garstev epitomises the first of the defensive Cald magi, and his abilities lend to that effect.  He works well with creatures such as Granas and Braggle and in a deck filled with such creatures, Garstev can hold out against most foes.  Garstev also encourages Cald players to play with creatures, something that 2i has been trying to do in their latter sets.  The awesome artwork for this card is by Nick Szankovics, who did three of the four Cald cards in this set.



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