The success of Elder's Legacy and the enthusiasm shown for Shadowsfall Promo on gEngine prompted this more ambitions project.  Tainted Glimpses is a 100 card fan-made set, with the design work shared between more than 10 people.  Submissions were solicited for card ideas and some of the best card ideas were used in Tainted Glimpses.  Artwork was found to shoehorn into some of these card ideas.  Other cards started life out with the artwork available and no text, but these were few and far in between in this expansion.

Card Name Region Type
Aurora Xyx Arderial Creature
Rayalon Fiend Arderial Creature
Smoke Vashp Arderial Creature
Koriko Arderial Magi
Cloak of Protection Arderial Relic
Tainted Air Arderial Spell
Eebit Fiend Bograth Creature
Slimy Quido Bograth Creature
Luglee Bograth Magi
Stuffy Gorb Bograth Magi
Bog Pit Bograth Relic
Jile SnacksBograth Relic
Summoning RingBograth Relic
Swamp Gas Bograth Spell
Tainted Mud Bograth Spell
Dartette Cald Creature
Furnace Hyren Cald Creature
Pyre Grag Cald Creature
Kyndle Cald Magi
Heart of the Furnace Cald Relic
Tainted Fire Cald Spell
Grim Pyder Core Creature
Koil Master Core Creature
Fug Core Magi
Kryme Core Magi
Chain of Broken Will Core Relic
Orb of Anarchy Core Relic
Taint Core Spell
Tainted Darkness Core Spell
Dune Furok díResh Creature
Dusty Habob díResh Creature
Heedle díResh Creature
Night Sandsinger díResh Creature
Yirid díResh Creature
Jarith díResh Magi
Trika díResh Magi
Staff of Mirage díResh Relic
Urok's Skullcap díResh Relic
Reality Check díResh Spell
Tainted Bones díResh Spell
Avalanche Gratch Kybarís Teeth Creature
Brimstone Parmalag Kybarís Teeth Creature
Summit Hyren Kybarís Teeth Creature
Krue Kybarís Teeth Magi
Kyg'n, Impervious Kybarís Teeth Magi
Jagt's Elixir Kybarís Teeth Relic
Rock Shower Kybarís Teeth Spell
Tainted Peaks Kybarís Teeth Spell
Frostbite Ickle Nar Creature
Kintor Scout Nar Creature
Puddle Arbol Nar Creature
Alara Nar Magi
Kellus Nar Magi
Uloron Nar Magi
Kintor's Tail Nar Relic
Uloron's Teardrop Nar Relic
Heavy Frost Nar Spell
Kintor's Rage Nar Spell
Tainted Snow Nar Spell
Lurking Rudwot Naroom Creature
Weebo Minor Naroom Creature
Hoctne Naroom Magi
Forest Dew Naroom Relic
Wence's Arrow Naroom Relic
Tainted Leaves Naroom Spell
Nasty Nalo Orothe Creature
Speag Strangler Orothe Creature
Bhrubi Orothe Magi
Phrup Jar Orothe Relic
Tainted Tide Orothe Spell
Transmogrification Orothe Spell
Exotic Ploomb Paradwyn Creature
Grand Terkoz Paradwyn Creature
Sly Kwup Paradwyn Creature
Darunia Paradwyn Magi
Ealayn Paradwyn Magi
Nightbloom Cloak Paradwyn Relic
Scarletsong Horn Paradwyn Relic
Darunia's Twist Paradwyn Spell
Tainted Paradise Paradwyn Spell
Mouldy Syre Underneath Creature
Myte Underneath Magi
Romura Underneath Magi
Magic Mushrooms Underneath Relic
Phosphorescence Underneath Spell
Tainted Mushrooms Underneath Spell
Janky Construct Universal Creature
Right Stuff Universal Creature
Animite Crystal Universal Relic
Disassembled Construct Universal Relic
Diplomacy Universal Spell
Revitalise Universal Spell
Junjertrug Calf Weave Creature
Pineedles Weave Creature
Rabid Sagaweave Weave Creature
Crasz Weave Magi
Halla Weave Magi
Weave Bulb Weave Relic
Photosynthesis Weave Spell
Tainted Blade Weave Spell

The following Promo cards were developed to go together with Tainted Glimpses.
Card Name Region Type
Glimpses Core Spell
Ploomb Naroom Creature
Dion Universal Magi
Elder's Legacy Universal Spell



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