Keeper's Quest is a Promo set of 4 cards based on the artwork by Matt Holmberg for the PDA puzzle game of the same name.  These cards are were defined as part of the Keeper's Quest Competition on the Custom Card Forums.

Card Card Name Region Type

Blue Furok Universal Universal Dream Creature

Tony Universal Universal Magi - Alternate

Slumber Universal Universal Spell

Hidden Puzzlebox Universal Universal Relic


Below are the links for the files formatted to be printer friendly in pdf format.  There are six cards per sheet.  When printing, set the paper size to A4 and enable the center/shrink to fit options.  This will print the cards at about the same size as normal MND cards.  You can then cut the cards from the sheet and paste them onto any spare common MND card.

Keeper's Quest + Elder's Legacy Universal Cards (pdf) 3.3Mb



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