Two Demo decks were given out at GenCon 2000, before the game actually launched.  These cards had a thicker black border and the ii logo in the upper left hand corner of the card.  The card surface was not smooth, but is textured.  These cards are not tournament legal due to the fact that the card back also has the thicker border and that, together with the texture means the card can be easily identified.

Only the cards with alternate art is shown below.

Card Card Name Region Type

Fire Grag Cald Creature

Sap of Life Naroom Spell

Storm Ring Arderial Relic

Syphon Vortex Cald Spell

Tap Roots Naroom Spell
Deck 1:

Abaquist 2
Arbolit 3
Baloo Root
Bwill 2
Coral Hyren 3
Fire Ball
Fire Chogo 2
Fire Grag 3
Flame Control 3
Giant Parathin 2
Hubdra's Spear
Lava Balamant 2
Orothean Goggles
Relic Stalker 2
Ring of Secrets
Scroll of Fire 2
Submerge 3
Syphon Vortex 2
Typhoon 2
Undertow 2

Deck 2:

Balamant Pup 3
Cloud Narth 2
Cloud Sceptre

Energy Band 2
Giant Carillion 2
Leaf Hyren 2
Lightning Hyren 3
Lovian 2
Pharan 2
Relic Mirror
Relic Stalker
Robe of Vines
Sap of Life 2
Shooting Star 3
Staff of Hyrens
Storm Ring 2
Tap Roots 2
Timber Hyren 2
Vortex of Knowledge 2

There is also a pre-release version of Ancestral Flute.
Card Card Name Region Type

Ancestral Flute Universal Relic


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