Three demo decks were available in the 2001 GenCon and these served as previews for the upcoming Dream's End expansion.  The three decks are Kybar's Teeth, Weave and Naroom Shadow (Core) and each deck contained two of 23 cards to make 46 cards per deck.  Each deck also contained a 3 animite card which gave free membership to the Grand Magi Council.

The cards in these decks are the same format as the normal cards with the only difference being that these had an alphanumeric code in the lower right hand corner instead of the rarity dots (or the limited logo).  Note that the "K" numbers for the KT cards below should not be confused with the "K" numbers for the Kybar's Teeth preview deck given out in 2003.

Core (Naroom Shadow):

NS1 Nodj
NS2 Garan
NS3 Jip
NS4 Wasperine
NS5 Evu's Jellybeans
NS6 Vim and Vigor

NS7 Chaos Jile
NS8 Chaos Plith
NS9 Dark Furok
NS10 Garadan
NS11 Grax
NS12 Orok
NS13 Agram's Armor
NS14 Agram's Staff
NS15 Secrets of the Book
NS16 Dream Rift
NS17 Naroom Shadow Geyser
NS18 Stealth
NS19 Vaporize

NS20 Rayje's Sword
NS21 Evil Evu
NS22 Hrada
NS23 Warrada

Kybar's Teeth:

K1 Agrilla
K2 Crag Quor
K3 Giant Baldar
K4 Giant Chogus
K5 Moga
K6 Moga Pup
K7 Rock Hyren
K8 Stone Quor
K9 Yark
K10 Xamf
K11 Climbing Staff
K12 Hogra Stones
K13 Kybar’s Scroll
K14 Yark Gloves
K15 Ascend
K16 Feet of Stone
K17 Stone Storm
K18 Roar
K19 Jagged Rocks

K20 Tomorrow's Jewel
K21 Groll
K22 Kazm
K23 Hok


W1 Bungaloo
W2 Drowl
W3 Frusk
W4 Grass Hyren
W5 Junjertrug
W6 Pagajack
W7 Speag
W8 Uwamar
W9 Weave Hyren
W10 Zassyfer
W11 Junjertrug Horn
W12 Tuk Berries
W13 Uwamar Beads
W14 Weave mat
W15 Binding
W16 Drought
W17 Lifeweave
W18 Sheath
W19 The Hunt

W20 Rayje's Cloak
W21 Artyva
W22 Bo'Ahsa
W23 Quirle



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