Two Demo decks - Arderial and Cald - were given out at GenCon Indiannapolis 2002 consisting of 21 cards each. 

Only one Demo deck consisting of 11 Kybar's Teeth cards and 11 Orothe cards were given out at GenCon Indiannapolis 2003.

The cards in these decks are the same format as the normal cards with the only difference being that these had an alphanumeric code in the lower right hand corner instead of the rarity dots (or the limited logo).  Note that the "K" numbers for the KT cards below should not be confused with the "K" numbers for the Kybar's Teeth preview deck given out in 2001.


A1 Kalius
A2 Flutter Yup
A3 Warlum
A4 Shooting Star
A5 Rayalon
A6 Water of Life

A7 Book of Ages
A8 Vemment
A9 Storm Cloud
A10 Lightning Hyren
A11 Sorreah's Dream
A12 J'Lith
A13 Xyx Minor
A14 Shock Vashp
A15 Alaban
A16 Thunder Vashp
A17 Elder Vellup
A18 Tranquility
A19 Xyx
A20 Lightning
A21 Lovian


C1 Vorga
C2 Arbolit
C3 Smoke Xyx
C4 Scroll of Fire
C5 Fireball
C6 Fire Chogo
C7 Braggle
C8 Fire Flow
C9 Warrior's Boots
C10 Drakan
C11 Lava Flow
C12 Sulfurous Spirit
C13 Giant Arboll
C14 Firefly Swarm
C15 Magma Jile
C16 Abraxin's Crown
C17 Diobor
C18 Krawg
C19 Syphon Vortex
C20 Magma Hyren
C21 Lava Balamant

Kybar's Teeth / Orothe:

K1 T'Lok
K2 Baldar
K3 Giant Baldar
K4 Ascend
K5 Gratch
K6 Agrilla
K7 Granite Parmalag
K8 Shard of the Great Fossil
K9 Jagged Rocks
K10 Akkar
K11 Moga Pup

O1 Quilla
O2 Hubdra's Spear
O3 Orothean Belt
O4 Iximin
O5 Tidal Wave
O6 Blue Yajo
O7 Submerge
O8 Bog Wellisk
O9 Riptide
O10 Wellisk
O11 Bwill



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